Grand Traverse Dyslexia Services

The most comprehensive dyslexia screening in northern Michigan

Don't be fooled. Dyslexia is neither a seeing problem nor a hearing problem. Dyslexia results from a difference in the way some human brains process phonemic information. Dyslexia is the most common reason a child of normal intelligence struggles with reading, writing, and spelling. According to the National Institutes of Health, dyslexia is the most common learning disability.

Specialized 504 Support

In Michigan, dyslexic students receive the best support from most local schools with accommodations under a 504 plan. Grand Traverse Dyslexia Services offers client families full consultation and support in developing effective 504 plans with their student's school. Beyond the screening report, GT Dyslexia Services offers parent advocate representation at official 504 meetings.

Proper Screening

Proper screening must include an examination of a student’s phonemic processing skills. Using a battery of tests GTDS thoroughly examines all areas effected by dyslexia. GTDS screening services result in a thorough, parent-friendly report written specifically to help obtain a 504 plan.

Effective Tutoring

GTDS provides highly effective, research-based student tutoring services.

"Patty's an expert in her field and has guided our children through the minefield of being dyslexic. Their school performance has soared. As a parent, Patty helps carry the complexity and frustration from our shoulders."

- Stacey, mother of two dyslexic children

Don't Wait

If you suspect your child is dyslexic, don't hesitate to get help now. Time is of the essence in developing reading skills. Research shows that the crucial window of opportunity to deliver help is during the early school years. The longer you wait to get help the longer it will take for your child to catch up. Grand Traverse Dyslexia Services is ready to help now. Call today.